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At OceanBlue, we deliver the ideal blend of functional and technical expertise, spanning SAP FICO, Success Factors, HCM, OTC, HANA, ABAP, BI, BW, Business Objects, SAP Analytics Cloud, Security, and BASIS, ensuring excellence in every facet of your SAP ERP project.

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Comprehensive SAP ERP Services

<span class="mil-accent">01.</span>Seamless Project Delivery
01.Seamless Project Delivery
OceanBlue ensures a flawless project delivery with the perfect mix of functional and technical skills, meeting your SAP ERP project needs.
<span class="mil-accent">04.</span>Specialized Security and Administration
04.Specialized Security and Administration
Benefit from our specialized talent in SAP Security and BASIS, providing expert support for server upgrade planning, execution, and administration.
<span class="mil-accent">02.</span>Vertical Expertise
02.Vertical Expertise
Our expertise spans various functional verticals, including SAP FICO, Success Factors, HCM, OTC, and technical areas like HANA and ABAP development.
<span class="mil-accent">05.</span>Transformative Solutions
05.Transformative Solutions
Experience transformative success at every level with OceanBlue's comprehensive SAP ERP services, designed to exceed your project expectations.
<span class="mil-accent">03.</span>Advanced Analytics Solutions
03.Advanced Analytics Solutions
Elevate your analytics capabilities with OceanBlue's top talent in SAP BI, BW, Business Objects, and SAP Analytics Cloud.
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Our Approach
Embarking on the SAP ERP service delivery, our journey initiates with the Discovery stage. In this phase, we conduct in-depth client meetings to unravel the intricacies of your business requirements.
Our aim is to establish a solid foundation by understanding your organizational goals, ensuring a tailored approach to SAP ERP implementation.
Talk To Experts
Entering the Validate stage, our collaboration intensifies. Through detailed discussions and assessments, we work closely with your team to validate our understanding. This dynamic process allows us to fine-tune our approach, ensuring that the proposed SAP ERP solutions seamlessly align with your business objectives.
The Validate stage is crucial for refining our strategy to precisely match the ever-evolving needs of your organization.
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In the Technology stage, OceanBlue crafts personalized SAP ERP solutions. Leveraging extensive cross-industry experience, we meticulously design a tailored plan that aligns precisely with your unique business goals.
This encompasses comprehensive evaluation, advisory services, module implementation, and enhancement— all dedicated to optimizing efficiency and providing your business with a strategic advantage.
Hire UI / UX Designers
Post-implementation, our focus shifts to the Improve stage. Through specialized training programs, we empower your team with the skills necessary for efficient SAP ERP utilization. Our commitment extends beyond implementation to providing continuous support, ensuring that your SAP ERP systems evolve in tandem with your business needs.
The Improve stage solidifies a lasting partnership, with our support dedicated to maintaining the effectiveness of your SAP ERP solutions.
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Damodar Buchireddy

It’s my pleasure to acknowledge OceanBlue resources outstanding contribution to the DN Projects and enhancements. Your resources have demonstrated high levels of skill and professionalism throughout the collaboration, and delivered good quality results that met our expectations and deadlines.

I appreciate your support and dedication to our mutual success. I look forward to working with you again in the future.

Damodar Buchireddy
Director of Enterprise Applications
Diebold Nixdorf
Ken Hamilton

My name is Ken Hamilton and I am one of the Senior Account Executives here at Mapsys, Incorporated. I have partnered with Ocean Blue Solutions for many years. I have found them to be trustworthy, honest, motivated and display a high degree of worth ethic..  

Ken Hamilton
Senior Account Executive